As more and more businesses roll out mobile devices to fulfill the roles originally occupied by specialized rugged devices, the need to protect them has led to bulky cases, frequent replacements and damaged devices. Microsoft has worked closely with its customers and RAM Mounts to identify this need and come up with a solution. Today, RAM Mounts introduces IntelliSkin™ for Surface 3. IntelliSkin is RAM Mounts’ first product through the Designed for Surface 3rd party accessories licensing program, which ensures a quality fit, finish and compatibility with Surface devices. – See more at:

IntelliSkin is a protective device case that simplifies the frequent docking and undocking of smartphones and tablets. Warehouse workers can now keep devices charged and data synced and farmers can have crop data at their fingertips while planting fields. IntelliSkin features an integrated power connector compatible with any GDS™ (Global Docking System) charging dock. This prevents damage to the device charging port and creates a universal docking platform compatible with any device wrapped with an IntelliSkin case. The IntelliSkin for Surface 3 alsopassed a rigorous Mil-Spec drop test to help ensure tablet protection from multiple falls.

The IntelliSkin for Microsoft Surface 3 is available now and is compatible with the Microsoft Surface 3 Screen Protector and Type Cover. The IntelliSkin leaves the full-sized USB 3.0 port, mini DisplayPort, and 3.5mm audio ports exposed for easy access. The thick corners of the Intelliskin allow for the attachment of a neck or shoulder strap accessory while also providing extra drop protection to the device. The integrated pen loop secures your Surface Pen on the go.

Surface 3 type cover stand

In addition to the IntelliSkin and GDS docks, we have also released a cool accessory for those looking for a full-featured vehicle mount. The custom type cover stand supports the Surface’s type cover and keeps it ready for data entry or note taking while in the field. The accessories we’ve made for Surface 3 extend how it can be used across the shop floor or your home.

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Power up your Surface

Our full, official lineup of the various charging and hard wiring accessories is also the perfect compliment to the Surface 3 IntelliSkin. Keeping your device charged anywhere you go is crucial to keeping it working for you. Our range of charging accessories does just that. The following chargers and cables are available now: – See more at: